J. S. Clark

As Of Date 8/1/2019

J. S. CLARK / Owner Of www.RvRoofingHouston.com 
All customers that reply to any estimate issued by J. S. Clark with the words saying: PROCEED WITH WORK 

via text, e-mail or submit button @ www.rvroofinghouston.com agrees to all terms of service repairs and payment terms listed below: 

  1. All pricing listed in estimates is guarantee not to exceed the final total price 
  2. All materials and labor to be furnished by J. S. CLARK as listed in estimate
  3. All materials to be suitable for RV roof repairs and maintenance
  4. All warranty work to be re-done by J. S. CLARK at no cost to customer as listed in estimate at our sugar land, TX. main office location
  5. All estimates and quotes by phone are based of the customer information of repairs needed and priced accordingly to the price listed on this website 
  6. Any additional repairs or service needed not listed in estimate will be an additional cost to the customer listed on estimate
  7. Any additional service repairs not listed in estimate not to be done with out the customer consent of approval for any additional cost
  8. If a down payment is required all down payments must be paid in full 24 to 48 hours prior to J. S. CLARK, authorized personnel arrival
  9. If no down payment is required balance is due on completion of repair and waterproofing projects 
  10. All work to be inspected by customer to insure all work listed in estimate was done and completion before J. S. CLARK authorized personnel departure
  11. All debit and credit cards payments must be processed 5 minutes before any work is started to insure customer bank or financial institute approves the total amount
  12. All trip fees listed in estimate is non refundable if work is not done, or customer bank or financial institute dose not approve the total amount
  13. If any discrepancy, or non payment occurs to a legal matter customer is responsible for all legal and court fees of there self & J. S. CLARK till matter is  legally resolved
  14. Late fees 25% per day on the total amount till the amount is paid in full, after 10 days a mechanic lean will be apply for by J. S. CLARK on customer RV
  15. If customer RV is park on J. S. CLARK sugar land, TX. main office location RV will not be released to customer till estimate / invoice agreement is paid in full
  16. Customer has the right to refuse payment on any service or repairs not done or completed By J. S. CLARK 
  17. Absolutely no refunds on any trip fees if work is done, or not done due to customer request.
  18. All sales and payments of service or repairs after completion By J. S. CLARK or authorized personnel or final, no refunds.
  19. Cancellations and rescheduling is free if Weather related, Cancellation and rescheduling Fee $25.00  
  20. J. S. CLARK is not responsible for all listed below:

  • Repairs service, and new installation of any parts  not done or  not installed  by J. S. CLARK or authorized personnel departure
  • Water damage caused by roof leaks lift unattended by customer
  • Damage caused by severe weather or high wind 
  • Damage caused by luggage or items place on RV roof
  • Accidental damage caused by driver of RV